Electromagnetic Analysis

By performing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) analyzes and tests, we precisely detect many performance variables such as RF Transmission Loss and Electromagnetic Signal Transmittance.

Best RF Analysis according to your requirements

Aerospace & Defense System Expertise

We have developed many aerospace and defense systems until today. In this way, we offer you our expertise brought by experience.

Structural Analysis

We offer structural analysis services where we use the finite element method to calculate the effects of loads and internal forces on the structure. We carry out shock analysis, thermal analysis, static and dynamic analysis and vibration analysis such as harmonic, response spectrum, PSD-Random with precision.

System Qualification Services

We examine the compliance of your systems and subsystems with business requirements and prepare documents and reports containing the results of the examination. We provide consultancy in certification processes.

Ultrasonic Inspection and Repair Services

We control the homogeneity of the material with Ultrasonic Inspection, a completely nondestructive testing method. Using high-frequency sound waves, we detect cracks, gaps and even micro-damages under the surface and perform the necessary repairs.

Tower and Construction Services

with our experienced team full of experts, we construct radome component towers, buildings, and infrastructures for radar and antenna systems.
Volo Radomes