About Us

VOLO supplies complex radomes for air, ground and naval platforms.

  • NVOLO supplies complex radomes for airborne, ground and naval platforms
  • NAerospace level manufacturer
  • NONLY supplier AS9100 Rev.D and NADCAP Composites Certificates to assure the part quality
  • NAs a Global supplier, VOLO teams are ready to help your project on time and budget.
  • NSandwich and solid radomes for a wide frequency range
  • NWarranty for 24 months, also lifecycle service support



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With a combination of new and existing technologies, Volo will provide cutting-edge radomes. Our products constantly, offers best-in class,

  • NAllows operation in all weathers
  • NSpecial coatings, lasting materials
  • NImproves pointing and tracking accuracy (Zero wind inside radomes)
  • NReduced phase delay
  • NImpedance matched joint lines
  • NEnhanced side-lobe performance
  • NLow scattering
  • NTop of the line materials
  • NMinimizes radar downtime
  • NExtends system lifetime
Volo Radomes